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Today, tuition in Singapore is an necessity. 80% of our local student population today have some form of tuition. Almost 95% of our foreign students in Singapore have either group tuition or home tuition.


Does Tuition Really Helps my child ?

From our experience through interactions with parents and getting student feedbacks about tutors, many parents are satisfied with the results of tuition. More than 80% of these parents observed an improvement in their children school work and exam results, usually within a time frame of 3-6 months.

Getting a  home private tutor/ tuition teacher has the following advantages:

Tuition Centre- Group Tuition or Home Tuition?

As a parent, after you make up your mind that it is time to get tutoring help for your beloved child, the next question to ask is whether to go for tuition centre- group tuition or home tuition.

The main advantage of home tuition is one-to-one attention. With one-to-one home tutor to student ratio, the tutor will be better able to focus on the specific weakness of your child and the difficulties the child meets with in school. Home tuition also offers less travelling time for the parent and student as the venue for home tuition are typically at the student's residential home. Schedules changes are also more flexible. However, the fees for home tuition typically costs more than tuition centre classes.

Tuition centre teaching is in between home tuition and school classroom teaching. Tuition classes typically have 4-20 students per tutor. Depending on the tuition school, some tuition centres may provide a customised set of materials and have their own teaching techniques. These special materials and teaching techniques are the main attraction point for good tuition centres. Conducting lessons in a group, tuition centres may also encourage students to practise their socialisation skills by interacting more with other students. However, parent and student may find it a hassle as it takes time travelling to the tuition centre.


What Category of Home Tutors are there in Singapore nowadays?

There are mainly these four categories of tutors in Singapore




The right type of tutor for your child really depends on your tuition needs and budget you are able to afford.

How to Find A Good Home Tutor/ Tuition teacher ?

Word of mouth recommendation. Ask around your colleagues or friends who may have good experience with a particular tutor.

Seeking the help of tuition agencies is another way to find a good tutor. Typically, a tuition agency gets its commission of geting a home tutor from the tutor's first month tuition fees, hence engaging tuition agencies help to seek a home tutor comes at virtually no cost to the parents at all.

A good tuition agency will listen to your child education requirements needs, advice you on the tuition rates, the number of sessions and length of session to go for, depending on the number of subjects to be tutored upon. As a general rule of thumb, a 2 hrs weekly session is necessary if your child requires tutoring in one subject. Any increase in subjects will probably requiries a tutoring schedule of 2 times a week or even more depending on your child needs.

Each tuition agency typically have its own list of tutors. The agency will then contact prospective tutors in its list to see whether if any are interested in taking up your tutoring assignment. It can take up to a few hours or even a few weeks for these tuition agency to get back to you, depending on the exclusiveness of your requirements. Eg , A primary 4 student maths home tutor is much easier to find compared to finding ex-teacher who is able to teach Sec 3 Chemistry home tuition.

A good tuition agency will also do the necessary background check on the educational certifications of the tutors. After the first session, the tuition agency will also do a call-up to both the parent and tutor to ensure that everything is alright and everyone is satisified with the tutoring arrangement.

What to Observe during the First Lesson?

After getting recommendations from either your friends or a tuition agency, your next task is to observe the first lesson between your child and the tutor. These are the few key points to observe (from a non-intrusive manner):

Tuition Goal Setting

It is important for goal to be established between the tutor and child. This is the only way to ensure that you are getting your return of investment in your child education. A good goal usually follows the SMART characteristic.

(S)pecific: Who is involved, what to achieve? (to get A2 in Maths).

(M)easureable: What is meant by improvement? How to measure grades improvement? (using certain critical examinations as a check).

(A)ttainable: Identify goals that are attainable, through good planning.

(R)ealistic: Set goals that are realistic which the child is willing and able to achieve. Do not expect your child to As when he or she is currently failing the subject. (Improve 2 grades from a D to a C).

(T)imely: Set a time frame to achieve the goal. (3 months time).

Some tutors and child sets a 1-2 grade improvement goals within a 6 months period.

Follow On Monitoring

Investment in stocks requires constant monitoring. Similarly, investment in your child education also requires constant monitoring. Do not expect miracles to happen overnight. Your child who may be able to achieve his 'A's right after the first tuition session. Give the tutor and child 1-2 months before expecting to see any significant results.




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